Hero Woman Leaves Sephora Without Buying Anything

A young woman walked into Sephora yesterday evening, never suspecting she would be walking out a hero. That’s right: 27-year-old Amanda Maxville left her local Sephora without buying a single thing.


Witnesses were shocked and amazed. Security guards were baffled.


“I couldn’t believe it,” said Mara Jambly, longtime Sephora shopper. “Nothing? Not even an eyeliner that she forgot she already has at home? Not even a colored mascara that she knows won’t look good on her, but her friend said she should try? She didn’t even pick up any samples?!”


One witness said Maxville even went as deep as the fragrance and hair section without so much as picking up a really expensive perfume, considering buying it, and then putting it back down.


Jessica Arthur, who has managed this Sephora location for nearly a year, made a statement to the press on behalf of the store:


“Ms. Maxville entered the store around 6:30pm, grazed for nearly twenty minutes, then exited the store without a single Sephora item in their hand. Security tapes were reviewed to confirm that she didn’t even steal anything. Sephora Inc. is taking this matter very seriously.”



Meanwhile, the public has reacted with praise, with many calling her “the hero we deserve.”


When reached for comment, Maxville had just this to say: “I want to thank everyone for all the kind words. I didn’t do this to be a hero, but I’m so humbled to be able to show people that they, too, can go to Sephora, look around, and not buy every single thing they think they might use one day.”