The Best Matte Lipsticks To Show Off Your Lip Cracks

For the new, must-try lip look, go matte! Not only is it fun and gorgeous, but it also acts as a magnifying glass for every single nook, cranny, and crevice on your lips. That’s why we rounded up some buttery, pigment-rich lipsticks that’ll help you showcase every single imperfection in that pouty pucker of yours. Here are the perfect matte lipsticks to celebrate those chronically dehydrated lips, girl!


Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick (Bloomingdales, $17)matte1

This soft, long-wear lipstick allows you to highlight your lip cracks for hours on end. You can still eat or drink anything while wearing this durable matte—it will ensure that the growing crevices on your dry, aging lips get the attention they deserve, morning, noon, or night!







matte2Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick (Nordstrom, $22)

Today’s woman doesn’t need to cover up her assets—yes, we’re talking about those stunning flakes of dead skin clinging to your lip cracks! This matte is super pasty-creamy, so it’s sure to glob around the crevices of your mouth in a dry, unvarnished way that lets everyone know you drank too much last night.






Becca Ultimate Matte Lip Color (Adore Beauty, $30.80)matte3

If you’ve been nervous about trying the matte trend and subsequently flaunting your lip wrinkles, this product is the perfect place to start. This pick delivers intense color in the flat, matte finish that nestles so perfectly into the unseemly parts of your lips, it’ll make you look like an old clay sculpture. SLAY!







matte4Color Design Matte Lip Crayon (, $24)

Are you an old, crusty sailor in drag? We think so!! This matte lip crayon gives you the chance to color inside the lines—the lines of your dry-ass lips, that is! Featuring a slim tip perfect for outlining, this lip crayon will basically act as a big arrow pointing to how long it’s been since you used Chapstick.







Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (Target, $7.99)matte5

Everyone knows moist, supple lips are SO 2015! This matte lip “gloss” is the perfect way to stop blending in and let your lip flaws STAND OUT! Make them dry as the desert, honey!







The best part about matte lipsticks is that they’re crack-friendly all across the board. So no matter what your specific lip imperfection is, there’s a chalky, matte lipstick for you!