7 Skirts to Show Off At Your New Standing Desk

Doctors say that the standing desk is better for your back. But you know what it’s really for: showing off the sweet lower-body styles that you’ve been hiding under your desk for years. Try these cute skirts that say, “Look, I have a cool skirt on!”


  1. The Concrete Jungle Cat (Macy’s, $30)


Before you got your new standing desk, your legs were like wild animals in a cage. Now, your legs are loose and ready to pounce, showing your coworkers you’ve got loads of cattitude in this leopard print skirt. Meow! You are cooler than they ever knew.



  1. The Power Pleat (Forever 21, $18)

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.01.18 PM

Pleated skirts aren’t just for private school girls anymore—they’re for powerful boss bitches like you who aren’t afraid to take fashion risks or stand up all day! The thrill of this look will get you through those long adjustment-to-standing days.


  1. The Garden of Knee-den (Dolce & Gabbana, $875)


Your knees are finally getting some light after being stuck in the darkness under your desk! Bring a little nature into your dreary, overly sedentary office with this floral A-line skirt. Don’t even think about sitting down in that thing!


  1. The G.I. Jane (Kohl’s, $30)


This camo skirt may not keep you hidden from predators, but it’ll keep you and your standing desk perfectly visible! You’re so on-trend!


  1. The Intergalactic Intern (Target, $20)


You don’t need to sit at your desk all day when you’ve got the legs of a tennis player and otherworldly fashion prowess. Show everyone you’ve been going to the gym and combing the racks for unexpected finds, all after a full day of not-sitting!


  1. The Eternal Shin (ASOS, $29)


Flirting with the mailroom guy is fun again now that you can flaunt your booty in this tight pencil skirt. Now whenever he comes around, you can hint that you like doing it standing up!



  1. The Secretary of the Sea (Venus, $64)


This one may be too fancy for the office—but who cares?! In this skirt, you’ll feel like a mermaid—a mermaid who just got her legs and isn’t gonna let them go to waste!


It’s awesome that your posture and circulation have improved a lot more since getting that standing desk. Let’s be real though: standing desks are really for showing off dat ass in cute skirts!