Woman Achieves Dream Of Standing Outside TODAY Show Window

For years, it seemed like an impossible goal, especially for a girl from Muncie, Indiana. But for someone who spent many a Halloween dressed as Ann Curry, Hurd knew she could never let go of her dream.


“Ever since I was a child watching The Today Show on TV, I’d imagine myself watching The Today Show from outside The Today Show window,” says Kelly Hurd.


And last week, after 32 years of viewership, Hurd finally made it happen. After her kids went off to college and she and her husband separated, she finally had the time to make the 10-hour drive to New York.


“I may have lost my family, but I never lost my drive to stare into those windows,” Hurd said.


Hurd has a closet full of Today Show merchandise, including specially made bobbleheads of all anchors, past and present. Hurd even has several tattoos of Matt Lauer’s face on her lower back, tracing the evolution of his look over the years.


She arrived outside Studio 1A at four in the morning, hoping to save herself the perfect window spot. She brought her Today Show parka, her Today Show baseball cap, her Today Show tote bag, and in case it rained, her Today Show umbrella. In her bag, she carried two orange Today Show flags and a large mason jar for her urine.



“I’m hoping I get to poke Al Roker in the back of the head,” Hurd said.


While Hurd didn’t end up getting that opportunity, she said standing outside The Today Show’s window was without a doubt the best four hours of her life.


As for whether Hurd will stand outside The Today Show window again, she said she might. But she doesn’t want to ruin such a special moment.


“Right now, there are girls back in Muncie who might be dreaming of standing outside The Today Show window. To them I say, ‘Never give up’,” Hurd said.


Before returning to Muncie, Hurd stocked up on Today Show merchandise and ceremoniously left her large jar of urine in the same spot that brought her so much joy. The jar was simply labeled, “Thank you, MATT!”