The Best Looks for Standing Outside of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up; where the masses descended upon Lincoln Center to take capture their own sartorial elegance near people that were taking more important people’s pictures. Here were our favorite poses for loitering outside last week’s biggest shows:


  • Cold Hands – Cold Heart


    We love this chilled look. It says, “I may lose some of my toes if I stand out here any longer, but I’m gonna stick it out because I’m a committed Fashionista who doesn’t give a shit about anything else in life.” Click!


  • Big Fat Expensive Warmth


    Probably the best thing about NYFW is that the more your oversized accessories disguise your identity, the more people will hunt you down to get your name and photo. This bundled look screams, “I’m a rich bitch who you would know if you knew ANYTHING AT ALL about fashion.”


  • Hat = Head Fountain


    If you can get a seat, Lincoln Center’s Revson Fountain is one of the most fashionable places to be photographed wearing a hat. Hat wearers from all over the world fly in specifically to pose coyly by this unremarkable ice puddle. For a great shot, try looking like you have somewhere important to be but you just don’t feel like heading there yet.


  • The Leaky Faucet


    With all the phoniness that can accompany Fashion Week, we love the natural rawness of this Leaky Faucet pose.  It says, “I am living, breathing, and snorting every moment of Fashion Week, I’m a huge fucking mess, and I’m not ashamed ” That kind of brutally real honesty is what fashion is all about.


  • Ew, WTF?! Pose


    Since everyone is milling about hoping to be discovered by André Leon Talley (not just you), it’s important to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Place yourself above the riff raff with this sassy “WTF” pose. People will be like, “That bitch must be somebody. Or at least somebody’s daughter.” And you ARE.