4 Outfits You Should Totally Encourage Your Pretty Friend to Buy

There’s no better stylist than a friend, and you owe it to your pretty friends to spread that fashion love. Especially because this season’s hottest outfits are not going to work with your short legs and broad shoulders. These outfits are exactly what to tell your pretty friend to buy this season so she can look the way you only wish you could:


  • The Denim Diva


    Matchy-matchy looks are huge right now, and denim is the fabric to go wild with if you’ve got the bod to pull it off. Tell your friend to pair drop-crotch jeggings with a “waistcoat” vest and show her that you really know what you’re talking about when it comes to this fashion thing, even if you can’t wear any of this form-fitting stuff yourself.


  • The Child


    Overall shorts in a classic stonewash finish are a sophisticated throwback to the playground – a look that you can only pulled off with the super defined cheekbones that your hot friend has. A graphic tee that’s wider than it is long can be a game changer for her slender body. Crocs in a rainbow of fun colors add a playful, “I don’t care what I look like” vibe to her natural beauty.


  • The Girly Girl


    A polka-dot skirt worn as a cape is a fresh take on a closet staple and will look great over your friend’s delicate forearms. Fencing knickers with elasticized leg openings will look unexpectedly flattering over her perfectly sculpted calves. And fur-lined booties give this look a fancy, feminine kick that would look crazy on you or anyone else.


  • The Mountie


    It will take you months to track down all the pieces of this stylish nod to our neighbors in the North, but everyone will tell her that this brave choice was worth it. With the figure flattering waist, you’ll be tempted to try this look out yourself – but don’t. At your height, people will just think you’re in a costume.