Wealthy Friend A Totally Free Spirit


Citing her adventurous lifestyle, carefree persona, and complete financial dependence on her parents, friends of Maddie Meister agree she is a totally free spirit.


“I’m not tied down by routine,” said Meister, whose parent-funded existence has allowed her to never hold a job of any kind. “I’m just young and wild and free,” she added, quoting a t-shirt she recently charged to her parent’s credit card.


Friends of Meister agree her exotic travels, frequent music festival attendance, and monthly allowance covering rent, utilities, and an all-organic diet, have let her free her spirit in a way that inspires everyone around her.



“She’s the most whimsical person I know,” said roommate Paige Helling, who frequently benefits from Meister’s carefree attitude and endless funds.


Meister credits her easygoing, carefree attitude to yoga, meditation, positive thinking, Ingrid Michaelson, and her father’s early investment in Google.


At press time, Meister was seen painting vision boards, skipping barefoot, and texting her dealer for some “spiritual-grade shit.”