Trust Fund Friend ‘Totally Broke This Month’

How Are You - Reductress

While brunching with friends, 22-year-old trust funder Kathryn Lennox declined an invitation to the movies because she is, “totally broke this month.”


Lennox went on to explain to her gal pals how she passed up the chance to buy that gold lamb leather Kitson wristlet she’s been eyeing because her bank account is “like, approaching zero.”


“She really has her priorities together,” said roommate and financial advisor, Jamie Smith. “As soon as she receives her monthly trust fund deposit, she immediately pays rent on our Williamsburg loft and gives me a flat ten percent to cover expenses. She is actually the opposite of broke.”


However, when a friend asked if she could borrow $27 at the cash-only brunch, Kathryn declined, saying she only had enough to pay for her own meal and a modest 15% tip.


Kathryn told friends she has been making a concerted effort to be more frugal this month by taking “regular cabs” over Uber, cutting out her Starbucks runs (finally dusting off her cappuccino maker) and passed up the opportunity to order bottle service at the club last week, instead flirting her way into a bachelor party to drink all night for free.


Lennox attributes her recent ability to make the hard choices when it comes to her finances to reading up on Buddhism. “As a Buddhist, I am learning to not rely on the possession of material things.”



To show her commitment to the study of Buddhism, Lennox has just ordered a life-size golden Buddha for her balcony, which she proudly admitted was her only splurge item this month.