Broke Friend Forced to Dip Into Savings

The broke friend with whom you’ve always bonded over your mutual financial worries announced tearfully today that, due to severe financial dire straits, she has had to dip into some of her savings to meet monthly expenses.


At a café near the shitty apartment you rent together, Annabel said through tears, “You know money’s always been tight for me. Now that I’m having to dip into my never-before-mentioned savings account, I’m more worried than ever about my financial future”.


After reassurances that you don’t even have savings, Annabel added that, “Even though my grandparents have been paying into the account since I was born, I have to accept I may never be able to buy my first home without some help. I hate being broke so much — don’t you?”


Annabel fears the two of you may have to spend the rest of your lives “basically below the poverty line.”



With the part-time ushering job she does around her crochet lampshade startup, she’s barely got enough money coming in to cover rent, let alone think about planning for the future. “What about when we’re old or if we get sick?” she cries. “I’ll only be able to live on what’s left of my savings, plus the inheritance I’m getting when my dad sells the vacation home my great aunt left me. Just… tell me we’re going to be okay?”


Annabel is asking for all your support to get her through this difficult time. Also, she accidentally forgot to go to work last week, so it would be great if you picked up the check for your coffees.