Missing Women Trapped in SUV Survive Two Weeks Without Girl Scout Cookies

Two women were found trapped in a car without Girl Scout cookies for nearly two grueling weeks in Tulsa, Oklahoma this week.


“I was seeing what those child lock doors were all about, and suddenly we were locked in,” says 53-year-old Carmine Schuster, who was trapped with her sister and nothing but healthy snacks and a case of bottled water for 13 days a former employee spotted them in the recently closed Wal-Mart parking lot. “Our faith in God helped us believe we would get out and find more Girl Scout cookies to eat.”


Carmine and her sister, Rosa, survived in the childproof lock-crippled SUV without any cell service or Thin Mints as temperatures dropped rapidly overnight.



The sisters were examined Friday at an area hospital and released.


“We’re lucky to be alive right now,” says Rosa. “And may God never let this happen to anyone ever again.”