5 Pieces to Borrow from Your Boyfriend’s Closet If You Ever Get One

Want to keep your future man on your mind all day and dress to impress? Then it’s time (not yet but soon hopefully) to raid his wardrobe for essentials that say, “I’m yours.” Here are the top must-steal items from your boyfriend’s closet – if you ever do get one!

  • Flannel Shirt

    EP-Flannel Shirt

    Wearing his flannel will make you feel like your man’s arms are wrapped around you all day if you’ve every actually got a man and know what that feels like. Just make sure you pair it with a tank and cute skirt, because you don’t want to scare off your guy if you ever finally get one.

  • Leather Jacket

    EP-Leather Jacket

    Get his engines revving by wearing his leather jacket over a flirty dress. He’ll probably be the type of guy that has one and he’s probably right around the corner. Just make sure to get out of the house this weekend so you can finally meet him.

  • Boyfriend Jeans

    Exif JPEG

    Why not take the original inspiration for this chic wardrobe staple and make it your own? Because if you’re ever this close to sharing your life with someone, you’ll want to find a way to let everyone know about it.

  • College Sweatshirt

    EP-College Sweatshirt

    Showing off his alma mater is the perfect way to let him know you’ll always be on his team – if you can actually land a man with a college degree. If not, just wear his plain Fruit of the Loom hoody. Whatever. Just get a boyfriend already so you have something to live for.

  • Work Shirt

    EP-Work Shirt

    Surprising him dressed in his work shirt is a sexy way to welcome him home from the office, if you can get a guy who has a job. Or even just a shirt. It shouldn’t be that hard to find one if you just put yourself out there.

    If and when you eventually have a boyfriend, show your affection for him and your quirky style by pairing his wardrobe with yours. His clothes will smell so good. Like a man. A scent you’re probably pretty unfamiliar with right now. But trust us, it’s better than anything you can imagine.