Tricks to Prevent Your Boyfriend From Finishing Too Soon, or Ever Again

The average man only takes five minutes to reach climax, which means that your boyfriend may frequently cross the finish line faster than you – but don’t worry! If you’re having this issue, there are plenty of time-tested tricks to make him stop finishing too soon, or ever again, if that’s more the goal. Here are a few ways to fix this problem, one way or the other.


Decrease his anxiety by not fucking him.

Performance stress can cause premature ejaculation for many men, so try to decrease his anxiety by just not fucking him at all. This should ensure he stops finishing too soon and also ever again since you’re definitely not fucking him. The thought of cumming should never cross his cum-drenched mind again!


Extend your foreplay into infinity.

The best way to shift focus away from him finishing is to extend foreplay, or extend foreplay infinitely. Many couples don’t spend enough time getting warmed up, and instead jump straight into sex. To prevent this from happening too soon or ever again, simply make out and touch each other in a kind of low-key way until the end of days or until one of you dies. That should solve all premature ejaculation issues!



Keep putting condoms on forever.

Wearing an infinite amount of condoms by putting them on eternally reduces the sensation of sex to nothing, bordering on uncomfortable, so try this if you want to delay gratification for now or forever and ever, amen. This should prolong his stamina or eliminate it altogether, depending on your level commitment to delaying or ending his capacity for orgasm altogether. In fact, if you do this right, sex cannot ever even happen. Congratulations! Your boyfriend cannot cum too soon now, or ever again.


When you and your boyfriend experience difficulties in the bedroom, it’s important to deal with them as a couple. Bring up any of these tricks and see which ones he’d like to try!