3 Guys Who Definitely Do Not See the Irony In That American Psycho Quote On Their Tinder Profile

Meeting great guys is tough, which is why it’s so useful to have dating apps like Tinder to help find the hidden gems. And there’s a special group of men that all have one thing in common: a deep and abiding love for the movie American Psycho and total ignorance as to why it’s ironic to quote it in their dating profile. Here are just a few of those cute and eligible guys who just aren’t really getting it!


Jayden, 27, Finance

This guy seems great! He has a steady job, went to Cornell for undergrad, and loves golfing with his dad. He’ll definitely take you to a decent wine bar for your first date and insist on paying. He’ll also definitely not understand the irony in quoting Patrick Bateman’s famous “I need to return some videotapes” line in his Tinder profile. He just wants you to know he likes movies. It’s not like the film serves as a critique of Wall Street’s hyper-masculine culture that he’s complicit in or anything, and he DEFINITELY is not going to murder you! Haha!


Peter, 24, Consulting

Peter is a total cutie! He plays in a band in his spare time and promises he’s “not like the other guys on here.” Good to know! He also promises he’s “a happy camper! Rockin’ and a-rollin’!” This would be a really nice outlook on life if Peter wasn’t quoting the final scene of American Psycho, by which point our anti-hero has murdered several people and one good dog. But not to worry; there’s no irony here – just a happy, go-lucky guy who genuinely loves the movie American Psycho and definitely won’t make you do weird sex stuff!



Kyle, 25, Finance Consulting

This one’s a joker! Don’t be offended when he writes, “There are no girls with good personalities.” He’s quoting a movie, silly. Plus he adds a “haha” to the end, so you know he’s kidding. However he is not kidding when it comes to his love for American Psycho, a movie in which the main character brutally murders a woman during sex. Kyle is definitely secure in his masculinity, but he still might murder you, and won’t see the irony in that, either.


Have fun out there! Or, as Patrick Bateman says in American Psycho, “I want to stab you to death and then play around with your blood.” Haha!