Slay! This Woman Overthought a Compliment Until It Became an Insult

In a thrilling but tragic turn of events, Houston, TX resident Lea Johnson received a thoughtful compliment that stuck with her for so long that she ended up turning it into an insult.


Yes, girl! Misconstrue a statement until it’s unrecognizable!


The original compliment, which was, in fact, a compliment, occurred when Lea came to work wearing a bag that she had crocheted herself.


“Wow, that’s so cool!” Lea’s coworker Kate Sharma said while smiling and genuinely showing interest. “That must have taken such a long time to make. It’s so intricate!”


Lea warmly received the compliment in the moment, saying, “Yeah, it took me about a week! Thank you!” However, after uttering these words, things soon took a turn for the worse. About 20 seconds later, to be exact.


“Wait… what did she really mean by that, though?” Lea asked reporters. “Like, she basically said that I have a lot of time on my hands to be making all these little arts and crafts in my dumb little room. She obviously knows that my social life is literally nonexistent, and she’s totally mocking me! Wow… you think you know someone.”


It’s really not that deep, but go off!


An hour later after the interaction, Lea was seen stuffing her crocheted bag under her desk, hiding it from any of her other coworkers that might see it.


“Okay, so I’m just a huge fucking loser! Got it,” Lea said to herself. “Guess I’ll just go home for the day and keep working on more loser activities like crocheting myself a hat that says ‘LOSER’ so everyone in the building can know!”


Sources confirm that everyone in Lea’s office had no idea what she was talking about.


“I genuinely just gave her an honest compliment,” Kate told reporters. “I didn’t think it could be taken in any other way, but I guess it makes sense because Lea is obviously really creative and imaginative.”


“Okay, what the fuck did she mean by that?” Lea said while sitting on her couch and crocheting her new “LOSER” hat.



Witnesses agreed that this particular comment actually seemed pretty shady, but believed that Kate’s intentions were still good overall.


At press time, Lea came back to work wearing her “LOSER” hat, which all of her coworkers urged her to take off, noting that she’s “not a loser” and has “countless wonderful qualities.”


“Oh, so none of you guys like the hat?” Lea said. “Wow. Seems like I just can’t do anything right around here!”