7 Put-Downs Toward Other Women to Make Him Want YOU

Frenemies - Reductress

There are other women almost everywhere your man goes. But by casually insulting every woman around you, you’re sending sexy, subtle signals that you’re the best he can do. Let’s see him try and resist you after you try some of these fun and salacious put-downs!

1. Point Out That They’ve Gained Weight
While you’re having dinner at a classy bistro, run your hand up his thigh under the table, lean over and say, “Have you noticed Melissa’s gotten a little chunky lately? Honestly I’m a little worried about her, I mean have you seen what her mother looks like?” He’ll think twice about exchanging a future with you for one with Melissa.

2. Show Concern for Their “Anorexia”
The next time you and your man are done doing the nasty, try whispering in his ear, “I think Karen might have an eating disorder. Her boobs have gotten so tiny!” It’s important to say you’re worried – nothing’s hotter than a girl who truly cares!


3. Imply They Have Herpes

Giving your man a massage is a great way to get his heart pumping, and a perfect time to tell him, “Gina slept with Craig and Ethan in the same week. I hope they used a condom.” Be sure to hint that Gina might have herpes.


4. Call them Dumb… but not too Dumb

Treat your man to a day watching his favorite sport! Then, talk throughout about how hard it is to hold a conversation with Janine. Just leave out her better qualities to make sure she doesn’t seem like the fun kind of dumb!



5. Insult them with no Explanation

The next time your man happens to mention any of your friends, blurt out: “she’s a cunt”, and quickly go back to what you’re doing.


6 . Call them Crazy!

Tell him how you heard from a friend of Cheryl’s ex-boyfriend that one time she just showed up at his office crying and screaming and asking where he’d been all day, and when he said he had been at work all day she said, “then why were you on 46th street at 1:30?” And apparently she’d put this GPS app thing on his phone without him knowing and anyway, she’s batshit insane.


7. Call them Fake!

If a girl you know is especially nice or has a congenial attitude, call it out as being totally false.


Your man doesn’t have to know that any of this is actually true – all he’ll know is they aren’t true about you!