Aww! Friends Who ‘Met Up to Do Work’ Thought They’d Actually Do Work

In an adorable story emerging from a coffee shop in Los Angeles, CA, best friends Isa Luiz and Meredith Wu met up to “do work” today and actually thought they would do work. 


Aww! Isn’t that adorable? So cute and naive! They’re going to do jack shit!


“Well, I haven’t seen Meredith for like, five days, and I just went on this third date last night,” Isa told reporters in a hushed tone that suggested she had fantastic gossip. “But we were both working today! That’s when I had the amazing idea to meet up and do work at the same coffee shop. Genius, right?”


Experts estimate they will spend approximately 15 seconds doing work before one of them says, “OMG, I forgot to tell you…” and derails the whole thing. 


“Now we can work and hang out at the same time!” said Meredith, who has not worked one bit and, if she’s being honest with herself, knew deep down that this is how things would turn out. 


“I feel like I’m more productive when I get out of the house, anyway,” Isa continued. “Really killing two birds with one stone here.”


Sources confirm they are only killing one bird, and that bird is “hanging out.”


“I saw those two girls walk in together, chatting,” the cafe’s barista, Maddie McCutchen, added. “They pulled out their computers, planners, and notebooks, really set the scene to do work, and then have not looked at their computer screens once since arriving.”


Sources confirm Meredith technically has her computer open to an Excel spreadsheet, but only moves the mouse every three minutes to make sure the screen doesn’t turn off. She’s been doing this for about an hour. 


“Finally, we were like, ‘OKAY! Enough! Time to do work!’ and promised not to talk for at least 20 minutes,” Isa told reporters. “But then I realized the guy and girl behind us were on a date, and of course I had to tell Meredith.”


Meredith continued, mirroring Isa’s hushed tone, “So we spent the next 20 minutes eavesdropping on their conversation to see if the date was going well.”


“Then, the timer we had set for ‘work time’ went off,” Isa continued, picking up right where Meredith left off.


“And at that point we were like, ‘Well, might as well call this day a wash!’” Meredith finished. 


At press time, they’ve missed a collective 45 emails, seven urgent Slack messages, and two angry texts from their coworkers. On the bright side, they’ve had a hell of a gab.