Nice! This Woman Has Been Moving Into Her Apartment for Three Years

In an inspiring reminder to take life at your own pace, 28-year-old Queens, NY resident Eva Perez has been thoughtfully moving into her new apartment for the better part of three years.


Yes, embrace that slow-living lifestyle, girl!


“It has been quite the process!” Eva told reporters, after finally getting around to putting together her dresser from IKEA. “I did as much as I could on the first day, and then I just paced everything else out over the course of the next three years.”


Eva says that, even though this is the longest she’s ever lived in any apartment, she still hasn’t managed to get the place fully furnished. 


“I’ve always heard that it’s better to take your time furnishing your apartment than rush into buying things that are either too expensive or that you don’t totally love,” she said. “So, I made sure to do that, and now I’ve spent three Christmases in this apartment with no rug, couch, table, chairs, or bed! I’m sure I’ll find the perfect vintage leather sofa on sale at a thrift store any day now!”


In addition to still being unfurnished, Eva’s apartment is also filled with a dozen still-unpacked boxes.


“I kind of see them as little time capsules now,” she told reporters. “I taped these bad boys shut when I was still on my parents’ insurance and Biden was still in the first year of his presidency. I still had so much hope then. It’ll be fun to see what surprises are in there once I get around to unpacking all of them. Just yesterday, I found a bunch of plates, cups, and silverware in one box that I’d been using as a workspace. It’ll be so exciting to reintegrate dishware back into my life!”


However, Eva added that, seeing as she still doesn’t own any furniture, she kind of needs most of the boxes to fill that role for now.


“It was so cute, on the first night in my apartment, my boyfriend and I just ordered a pizza and used one of my unpacked boxes as a table,” she said. “It was so whimsical and romantic. Continuing to do that for the next 156 weeks was a little bit less romantic.”


Sources close to Eva say her apartment always has an unfinished, unlived-in feel to it, and that they’re starting to get worried about her wellbeing.


“Look, I get it, moving into a new apartment sucks. I can understand taking a while to get everything unpacked and organized,” said Eva’s friend, Marianne. “But three years? I don’t know, I just feel like she could’ve gotten a bed by now, at the very least.”


Eva informed reporters that while she definitely could buy a bed if she wanted, she hasn’t found the time yet.



“Sometimes life just gets on top of you!” she said. “I got so busy with work and friends and all the little side projects I took up solely so I could avoid unpacking that I haven’t had a spare moment to buy a mattress. But I have learned to finger-weave super thin scarves.”


We love a woman who knows how to prioritize what’s important to her!