I Actually Did Come on this Reality Show to Make Friends

White Woman Speaks:

Despite the expectations of viewers and producers, I actually did come on this reality show to make friends.


Did I come here to advance out of the preliminary rounds? Did I make strategic alliances left and right because I wanted a shiny metal? Hell no. I didn’t get on this show to win or gain notoriety. I came on this reality show to make friends.


Honestly, I’m surprised I made it this far. I answered a casting call because I was new in town and I thought it’d be a great way to meet some cool people. I tried to make small talk in line. That made for an awkward 12+ hours. They turned down my invite to go get drinks – but boom, next thing I know, I’m living in a house with five other people and we’re on TV. At that point I thought: who better to be my new friends than a group of people handpicked by a group of producers for reality television?



It hasn’t gone as well as I expected. After winning immunity last week, I think everybody was mad at me. They didn’t even touch the cupcakes I made.


I think my unintentional success on this program may be jeopardizing these new relationships. I keep telling them: I don’t want to walk out of here with a cash prize. I just want to form deep and lasting connections with others and maybe make some fond memories in the process. So, if y’all could vote for Sheila this Tuesday, it would mean a lot. She’s got a lot riding on this one.


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