How to Talk to Your Dad About Finances Without Bursting Into Tears

Good financial advice is hard to come by, so when you’re thinking about money management or taxes or the like, it’s best to go to someone you trust. Who better to tell you exactly what to do with your money than your old man? Dads give great advice, but they don’t do it gently. Here are some tips that’ll help you talk to your dad about finances without immediately bursting into tears.


Remember: Emotional intelligence does not come easily to him.

Sure, you love your dad, and he tries his best, but ultimately, he was socialized as a boy. He’s pretty bad at communicating, seeing things from your point of view, or understanding how his tone may be received. Keep this in mind when he inevitably yells, “It’s a 401k not fucking rocket science!” in response to a simple question. Forgive him, for he knows not what he does.


Come into it well-rested, calm, and full.

By now, you know that bringing up finances with your dad is absolutely going to turn into a heated affair. Give yourself a fighting chance to avoid tears by setting yourself up for success. You can survive being yelled at, but if you’re also tired, nervous, or hungry, buddy you’re going to start crying on the spot. Make sure that when you tell him you’re worried you haven’t properly paid taxes since 2019, you come into it with a full belly!


Separate the art (his financial advice) from the artist (your dad).

If you’re going to get sound advice from a trusted advisor, you’ve got to stop thinking of him as your dad. Because when your dad says, “You should have set up an investment account years ago,” that shit will make you sob, but when a “financial advisor” says it, that’s just sound monetary advice! He’s not your dad anymore – he’s a cog in Big Bank’s machine, and he’s here to tell you how to game the system. DON’T FUCKING CRY.



Remember: If you cry, he wins.

Forget everything else we said. Your dad is your enemy, and don’t you fucking cry. Don’t you fucking cry. If you burst into tears while talking about why you never set up a savings account in the first place, he’ll know he’s got you cornered. He’ll pounce with, “You’re supposed to be an adult about this,” and it’ll be game over. You are an adult, and just because you still google “Roth IRA” every month, doesn’t mean he can treat you like a financially illiterate baby.


There you have it! Follow these tips and you’ll be talking to your dad about index funds in no time, and it’ll only take a few short weeks for your relationship to recover!