Is He Hot or Just a Teen Obscured in a Cloud of Juul Smoke?

Determining your attraction to someone can be tough. And with the rise in popularity of Juuls, it’s nearly impossible to figure out if the hunk you’re checking out is enjoying a romantic, foggy night or is actually a high school senior vaping like his life depends on it. Thankfully, the following questions will help you determine if a guy is a certified hottie or just a teen obscured in a cloud of Juul smoke.


Where did you spot him?

It’s true that hot dudes can be found anywhere, but some places are more realistic than others. For instance, spying a cutie in a dusty bookshop, a dimly-lit café, or a smoke-free bar (this is important!) is definitely a good way to go. But, if you spot him leaning on the bike rack outside a 7-Eleven, it’s more than likely that he’s a soon to be twenty-year-old going to town on his latest strawberry-milk flavored Juul pod.


Does he smell good?

We all know that the natural pheromones someone gives off can make you more attracted to them. To make sure the dude you have your sights on is in fact a real sexy man and not an e-cig addicted teen, go up to him and take a good, long, sniff. If he smells like a like a rugged man of the woods, hell yeah, you’ve got your guy. If he smells like a synthetic mango, sorry my friend, that’s a Juul-ing adolescent.


Is he coughing a lot?

Yes, natural pollens and general pollution can make even the hottest dudes cough from time to time. But, if your potential hunk is coughing so much that you can almost hear the small perforations are forming in his lungs from inhaling the formaldehyde and trace metals found in Juul vapor, you should probably steer clear of this underage bro.



How does he make you feel?

Did going to talk to him make you feel dizzy because you are so, so into him? Or was the lightheadedness a side effect from fighting your way through what felt like an almost impenetrable cloud of mint-flavored smoke in order to talk to him? If it’s the latter, honey, that’s not your dream man! That’s a college freshman that loves his flash-drive-looking nicotine vape more than anything!


Now that you know how to tell who is hot and who is a teen in a Juul smoke screen, you’re ready to go out and find your dream guy. Maybe he’ll even have a Pax!