How to Remain Humble When He Finishes Really Fast

Having sex should be fun and rewarding for all parties involved. But it can feel discouraging if a guy finishes way too quickly…and it can be super hard to stay humble when it happens! It’s obviously super gratifying for you, because it means you’re perfect in bed and have an A+ puss. So if you don’t wanna blind anyone with your hubris, here are a few tips on how to remain humble when he finishes really fast.


Consider his feelings.

Sure, you may be feeling like Icarus because you made this dude cum in less time than it took him to get his boots off, but think about how his emotions. He may be feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or even inadequate. Comfort him and reassure him that this happens and that it’s no big deal, even though you’re honestly super flattered that your unbridled sexual prowess is the root of his current insecurity. Stay grounded!


Remember the past.

If you find yourself on a self-congratulatory vaginal high horse after you get your man off in under 60 seconds, take a second to reflect on the past. There was a time when you weren’t as sexually confident and gifted as you are today. And even though in this moment you’re basically the Serena Williams of fucking, connecting with the period when you weren’t can be an excellent tool in remembering who you are and where you’ve come from. Look at you go!


Count your blessings.

Though you yourself have the innate ability to get your dude to nut before you even start to smell that condom funk, others may not be so fortunate. So to stay modest, remember to count your blessings. You’ve got a magical wizard muff, you’ve got the skills to pay the bills, and your sexual energy rivals that of the tannest, buffest 23-year-old club promoter in Mykonos. Acknowledge all of that internally, and recognize that these were given, not earned. Humble yourself!



Just lean into it.

When it comes to sex, women are the ones who normally get the shit end of the stick. So honestly, if you render him a two-pump chump, just lean into it, you sex goddess! Get a t-shirt that says ‘#1 Poon of 2018’, get yourself a certificate that deems you a premature ejaculation expert, 3D print a statuette award with a plaque on it that reads ‘Best Supporting Pussy’, then just be like, “I just want to thank my fans. I really couldn’t have done this without you.” Perfect humblebrag!


Premature ejaculation isn’t fun for anyone…except your ego! Follow these tips to keep that hubris in check when your perfect vag and immaculate technique gets your dude to where he’s going a little too quickly!