Power Brows That Won’t Fix the Wage Gap, Per Se

Everyone knows that women experience great challenges in the workforce, being treated differently than men and making a fraction of the money men make. A power brow is a strong statement that goes with any outfit, whether you’re a high-powered executive, a struggling artist, or a low-level assistant. Here are some inspirational power brows that won’t fix the wage gap, per se, but at least they’re doing something.


Flat Arched Brows

Gone are the days of thin, arched brows! Many power brows are unapologetically straight, asserting their influence over your face. With brows like these, you’ll feel unstoppable, even though you’re technically still hiding your pregnancy from your boss until promotions have been handed out. Between your billowing top and flat-arched brows, your boss will be blown away in your performance review. It’s not, like, changing everyone’s salary, but it might change yours. And sure, your performance has nothing to do with brows, but also it does? Ya know?


Frayed Brows

When you think of sculpted brows, are you thinking of clean lines? Well, think again! A power brow isn’t trying to hide the fact that it’s a thick tuft of hair on your face—it embraces that! Frayed ends on your brows are a powerful statement that you’re loving yourself the way you are, and that might just translate to radiating confidence compensated by a big fat paycheck. It’s not that having frayed brows fixes the wage gap, especially because it’s an even steeper deficit for women of color but still it’s like… you know… wow! You did that.


Dark Brows

No matter your hair color, dark brows are in! They show you aren’t ashamed of your bold hair, and if that’s not feminist, what is? If they’re naturally dark, don’t lighten them, and if you have lighter brows, grab a dark pencil and give them some definition! Dark brows signify true power that transforms more than your face; it also transforms the world! Who’s equal now, bitch?! Or, who feels equal? This isn’t the same as policy, sure, but it’s not nothing. You never said this was like, a law. They’re your brows. But, fuck! They look good.


Yes, bitch! These power brows are changing lives! They’re not ending the wage gap, but you know… every bit helps!