How To Rock Your Curves by Wearing A Full Face Of Makeup at All Times

Nothing is sexier than confidence. No matter what your body type is, the best look is always positive thinking and a smile! But if you’re curvy, another good look is a full face of makeup and a professional blowout. Here’s how to rock those sexy curves by keeping your face buried under as much makeup as possible!


Layer the foundation on your beautiful face.

Every gal dreams of living that elusive “get up and get going” lifestyle. You know, the one where you hit the streets with nothing but bedhead and a little moisturizer? Sounds amazing, right?! It is! Unless you’re curvy, in which case you’d better spend a little extra time spackling foundation onto your face. Remember, the standard for you is higher because that’s just how it works!


Wear the thickest possible eyeliner.

If you’re thin and hot by society’s standards then, congrats, you can leave your house looking however you want! But if you’re curvy, maybe try spending forty minutes every morning perfecting your eyeliner wings? This is what’s expected or else you risk seeming lazy. Even if you’re going au natural, get some eyeliner up there to accentuate your eyes and make up for the fact that your body is, well, just a regular ol’ big body!


Consider a blunt bang and full 1950’s pin-up hair.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl? Haha, yeah right! Stuff your curves in an A-line skirt and frilly librarian top or, if you’re feeling flirty, go full pin-up with the draw-on brows and red lip to match! This is the base standard of beauty for us curvy gals, so go ahead and flaunt your stuff (but again, only flaunt yourself as an idealized, flawlessly made up version of a curvy woman that borders on fetishization)! Top it all off with an impossibly thick blunt bang to cover most of your curvy face. That’s beauty, baby!


Ok, wow! You look incredible. Way to embrace your natural beauty and rock those curves by ensuring that you’re constantly decked out head-to-toe because society demands that you just work harder! Yeah, girl!