Fall Looks That Are Still Just That One Outfit You Wear

The crisp air, scent of pumpkin spice, and crinkling of leaves can only mean one thing: Fall fashion is upon us. Time to trade in bikinis and jean shorts for cozy sweaters, light jackets, and gorgeous leather boots. Or, you know, just keep wearing the same thing you always wear every day. Here are four fabulous fall ensembles that are actually still just the sweatpants and t-shirt you wear year-round.


Jean Shorts and Tights


You’ve always wondered if it’s ok to transition your jean shorts into fall by wearing them with black tights and guess what?! It totally is! This edgy look is perfect for that tricky in-between weather and also whoops, did you just put on the loose sweatpants and t-shirt you wear everyday? That’s fine too. Pretend that’s what we told you to wear. Just this once!


Leather Jacket, Brown Boots, Skinny Jeans


This outfit is peak fall. Chic, classic, and not as comfortable as the sweatpants and t-shirt you like to wear every damn day. Ugh, just put that on again. It’s so much easier. And cute! Sort of.



Leather Pants, Thigh-high Boots… Nope, gonna stop right there.


You are not going to wear leather pants, bish! You’re going to try on six different outfits before finally settling on those sweatpants you’ve owned for a decade and the ratty old t-shirt a friend of your roommate left at your apartment! Stop trying! Be you even though you kinda look like shit!


With these signature looks which are really just your one and only signature look, you’re going to leap into fall with a tiny bit of style and a ton of comfort. And remember: Even though you only wear one outfit, it’s imperative that you keep buying new, cute clothes until you die!