Your Fall Style and Magic Guide

With the fall season right around the corner, you want to look and perform at your best. Here’s how to get the “wow” factor into your fall look and your magic tricks, so you can go from a common subway platform performer to Times Square sensation!


Silk Scarves

The 1980s are back in style, so take advantage of the trend while attempting David Copperfield’s 1983 classic, “making the Statue of Liberty disappear” illusion. A bold, printed silk scarf is the perfect accompaniment to this trick to really draw the crowd’s attention. Soon they will be saying, “How did she pull that off?!” in reference to your look and your magical moves.


Robe Coats

Let’s not forget – robe coats have come into fashion in a big way. Try being buried alive in one of these and you’ll have the audience asking themselves if you just got off the jet from Paris or off your wizard’s broom! We won’t tell if you don’t.



Chunky Sweaters

Fair Isle chunky sweaters are huge now – literally and figuratively. What better way to try your own version of David Blaine’s “Frozen in Time” stunt than snuggled up in one of these? Get cozy while you try to beat his 63-hour record. This hot trend will have your audience shocked, but not you!


Mini Dress

Spice up your sawed-in-half trick with a cute 1960s-inspired mini dress. The audience might just be more worried for the dress than your assistant’s life – but it is a really cute dress, so it is understandable.


You were already a talented and respected magician, but this fall, be truly awe-inspiring! Get ready to finally be taken seriously as an attractive, sought-after magician with these trendy items. Get it, girl!