New Fall Fashion Trends That Are Also Old Fashion Trends

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to update your wardrobe! No one wants to be caught in last year’s clothes, even if they look exactly the same as this year’s trends. So if you’re looking for fun, fresh, ideas for autumn that are as cutting-edge as a pumpkin spice latte, cop these new looks that are also old looks!



The fashion forecast is in: flannel is going to be everywhere this season, just like it was last season! From shirts to skirts and everything in between, this versatile fabric is going to be your new fall staple. So throw on some flannel for a trendy look that’s a nod to the 90s, and almost every single year since then.



Tights were all over the runways during the Fall/Winter ’16 shows! All the “it” girls from Kendall Jenner to Chloe Sevigny will be practically living in this trend through November, and then probably through the winter, maybe a little in the spring if it’s still cold, then put them away for the summer and put them on again next September—just like last year!
Burgundy Lips

Everyone knows that Vogue’s September issue is the fall fashion bible, and this year the pages are filled with models sporting moody berry-toned lips. Rocking a plummy pout will have everyone saying, “How long have you had that lipstick?”



We know what you’re thinking: Sweaters? For fall? But trust us, 2016 is going to be the Year of the Sweater, just like every year before that. Enjoy this new trend that is also so old, it’s not even really a trend!




From Doc Martens to Uggs, boots are a fresh, trendy addition to your outfit that are surprisingly practical. If you want people to think your style is as innovative as using the word “crisp” to describe fall air, run out and get yourself some boots!


Get ready to have some fun this season experimenting with all of these totally new looks you’ve been rocking for most of your adult life! We’ll be here for you next fall with all the hottest trends, which are these trends.