Blushes To Make Your Cheeks Look Like Lil’ Cherub Butts

Pink blush is the simplest way to transform your cheeks from colorless flat circles to beautiful butt-like orbs! Here are our awww-worthy picks for the perfect blushes that will give your face that sought-after lil’ cherub butt look:


ColourPop in Pie Pink

Swirl this neon pink blush on with a synthetic brush until your coverage goes from sheer to lil’ cherub butt. Sweet! Your cheeks now exude love, romance and maybe a tiny baby fart here and there. This is how you want your face to look, right?


Too Faced Love Flush Blush

Sweep this candy hue in gentle circles to make rounded butt shapes out of your cheeks. For a really lovely aura, extend the blush beyond your cheeks to your nose, chin, and forehead until you wonder out loud, “Is my whole head a baby butt now?” Congratulations, it is! You’re made of love by baby ass love now! Kiss your friends on the mouth if you want!


Kardashian Radiant Blush in Tender

Use Kardashian Beauty’s ombré pink blush to sculpt your cheeks into chiseled, well-defined cherub butts. Made from lightweight powder, this blush’s buoyant texture gives your cheeks the appearance that they’re floating in the air, like the bottom of a cartoon angel flying away. How cute! With cheeks so full of bliss, you should also feel free to try cuddling with all your co-workers until they say, “No, why are you doing that?”



Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze in Plums Up

If you want to appear positively aglow but don’t want to look like an over-the-top clown, consider looking like a cherub’s booty instead. Blend this soft yet shocking pink shade onto your cheeks to make everyone think you ride around on a cloud all day like Cupid. Beautiful! Now buy a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards for your friends, you rosy butt-cheeked angel. This is the natural progression of wearing blush.


Estee Lauder Very Hollywood Blush in Sunset Pink

Smooth this color onto the apples of your cheeks to create the radiant sheen of an airborne baby’s hiney on your face. Go the extra mile to complete this precious look by buying a harp online, or wearing a pair of wings. You’ve now completely transformed into a tubby cherub’s backside! This is what you wanted, right? Right???


Apply these pink blushes with a fluffy brush for a healthy, lil’ cherub’s butt glow. Good luck, you tiny lil’ baby!