How To Be Such A Chill Girlfriend You Cause A Second Ice Age

When you’re in a new relationship, it can be stressful to maintain your level-headedness. Having a new boo means it’s very important for you to be chill, you know, to the point where you cause the earth to rapidly descend into a catastrophic global temperature shift, the likes of which humanity has never before witnessed. No biggie! Here are a few helpful tips if you want to be such a chill girlfriend that you usher in the dawn of a second ice age!


Give your partner space.
It’s important to spend time doing your own thing in a relationship, so let your sweetie go out with their friends, have their own hobbies, and take time for themselves. It makes your time together feel more special, and your boo will be so busy seeing you as such a low-maintenance, chill girlfriend that they won’t even be mad you’ve caused a devastating dip in international climate norms, wiping out most terrestrial species on earth!


Be interested in their interests.
Everyone loves when the people they’re close to take an interest in their passions, so try to show some enthusiasm for your love’s hobbies and pastimes. You two will become much closer, and maybe you’ll discover a shared interest! But even if you don’t, you’ll be being such a chill-ass girlfriend that the world as you know it around you will freeze solid, initiating a new age of ice and trapping once-living things where they stand in ice coffins that will go unrevealed for the next hundred generations!



Get to know their friends.
Getting to know your partner’s friends can be a great way to understand them more fully. It’s also an excellent way of ensuring that the friends all see you as a super, mega chill girlfriend. So chill, in fact, that you have brought an end to all temperate, tropical, and desert life by heralding a million-year-long period of worldwide below freezing temperatures and bringing humanity to the brink of total eradication!


See? it’s easy to be a cool, chill girlfriend if you just relax and let the relationship evolve naturally. Do what you can to stay in your lane, and before you know it, you’ll be so chill that you and all your friends and everyone you’ve ever loved and every animal including elephants and cute dogs will perish because you’ve brought on another ice age. Super chill.