Calming Meditations For When You Touch a Wet Bathroom Doorknob

Meditations are an excellent stress-relieving practice, but they’re not just for women stressed about their careers or home life. They’re also for women freaked out by having recently touched a wet bathroom doorknob. If you’re a woman who’s unsure whether her hand just got wet from water or pee, try these calming meditations to restore peace within yourself.


Make the Word “Dry” Your Mantra

Making the word “dry” your mantra is a great calming meditation for when you’ve just full-on gripped the sopping wet doorknob of a public restroom. Repeat the word “dry” to yourself over and over again. For example, “Dry, dry, dry.” Whether you choose to say this out loud or silently to yourself, the repetition will replace all thoughts of your encounter with the piss-soaked doorknob of your recent nightmares. Dry… dry… dry. How relaxing!


Mindfully Wipe Your Hand On Your Pants

Meditation requires being present in the moment, so if you’re feeling unfocused because of the doorknob you just touched that’s definitely not wet from hand-washing, mindfully wipe your hand on your pants. Focus solely on the sensation of your hand becoming dry as you rub the unidentified liquid onto your clothes instead. This should keep your thoughts from wandering to the past, where your hand was recently wet for some reason. Remember that? Ha ha, no you don’t, not anymore.


Relax the Muscles of Your Wet Hand

Muscle relaxation is a technique that has great calming benefits, so try relaxing the muscles of your wet hand. Instead of holding your wet hand away from your face as though it no longer belongs to your body, drop it down by your side and let it swing loosely. This helps put your body at ease, and it also allows the strange wetness to drip onto the floor instead. Just say, “Ahhh!” as you do it to really remind yourself how at peace you are now. Ahhh!



Visualize a Dry Doorknob

When all else fails, try visualizing a dry doorknob. Use the power of your imagination to create a public restroom with the driest handle any person has ever encountered, and then go to that restroom in your mind. Remember: With enough positive energy, you can make your visualization a reality! Even if the wetness you touched was thick for some reason! Don’t you feel so much better already?


The world is full of stressful scenarios like touching a bathroom doorknob that’s wet for God only knows what reason, so try these meditations for a positive, cleansing reset of your mind so you can move mindfully through the rest of your day.