4 Facebook Thirst Traps That Were Ruined By The Comment ‘You Look Like Your Dad’

Facebook is a minefield in which your aunts and the people you have a crush on are allowed to coexist. No matter how cute or sexy you think the photo you just put up is, a relative or family friend you’re barely in touch with can bring it all crashing down in an instant by reminding you how much you look like your father. Here are some of your hottest Facebook thirst traps that were ruined by someone commenting, “Aw, you look so much like your dad!”


Your new profile picture where you’re laughing charmingly.

You thought your latest pic evoked a kind of youthful earnestness and Free People aesthetic. Your Aunt Linda thinks that you have your Dad’s eyes. Now that the picture has been ruined by the idea of your dad and his mustache, it’s time to find another bridge to laugh charmingly upon.


The picture of you and a bunch of hot people you don’t really know that well.

The pic of you and your friend Maria and a bunch of Maria’s friends hanging out at her apartment kind of made it look like you had a ton of hot friends. Plus, you look hot as hell, too. Too bad a that friend of your parents was first to comment that you’re the spitting image of your father. Now, all these strangers know you have your dad’s nose, and you have to remove the picture from your timeline.


The pic of you out with your friends.

You were really hoping to change the privacy settings on the pic from Friday night your friend tagged you in before the wrong people saw it, but your old babysitter was too quick for you! Why she thinks that your sloppy drunk expression makes you look “just like your dad” will remain a mystery, since you have to untag yourself immediately.


Your sexy beach pic.

Oh, perfect. Every single person who commented “gorgeous” was just notified that your Great Aunt Jane think you look “just like your dad!” What exactly about you in a bikini reminds her of your father? The hint of a tummy, the furrow of your brow when you squint, the sun-illuminated hint of facial hair, or the barely there string bikini? You can obsess, or you can write yet another promising picture off. Next summer!



A pic of you with your dad.

Ok yes, it’s a nice pic. But your good ol’ dad himself just commented, “wow twins!” Shut it all down. Time to just shut the whole thing down.


At the end of the day, your Facebook page is a wasteland of pictures ruined by how you look or Aunt Deb’s weird comments. If someone would only tell you that you look like your hot mom.