Woman’s ‘Self-Care Day’ Mostly Consists Of Retweeting Herself

Earlier this week, 25-year-old Natalie Giotta took a “self-care day” by taking the day off of work, making a cup of tea, and retweeting herself 17 times over the course of an hour.


“I just wanted to celebrate myself after an exhausting week at work,” says Giotta. “I thought, ‘What makes me feel the most loved?’ and that’s how I ended up retweeting myself over 100 times in a single day.”


Starting at the bottom of her feed and moving through to her most recent tweets, Giotta retweeted some of her old favorites, including tweets she feels “didn’t get the attention they deserved.” Giotta did also listen to relaxing nature sounds while sipping on herbal tea. However, the emotional success of her self-care routine rested predominantly on the retweets.



“Natalie can overwork herself, so it’s nice seeing her take the time to do something for her wellbeing,” says friend Sabina Yasmine. “She really needed a long day of retweeting her own jokes to unwind and regain self-confidence.”


Strangely, Giotta felt the same euphoria retweeting her own tweets as she typically does when retweeted by a friend or stranger.


“See, look,” says Giotta. “My tweet did good!”


She then pointed at her own tweet, “The solar eclipse is when the moon photobombs the sun!” and instead of there being a ‘0’ next to the retweet symbol, there was now a “1.”


“Yeah, it’s not a great tweet, but it’s Natalie’s self-care day,” says Yasmine. “At the very least she deserves the gift of thinking her joke went well.”


Giotta did not look up to comment as she rapidly scrolled through her own feed, smiling and liking her own tweets with reckless abandon. Tiny red hearts flew by on her screen as she gave herself the validation no one else on Twitter seemed able to provide.


“Ugh, I really needed this,” says Giotta. “Truthfully, I get overwhelmed a lot. Like I haven’t gone grocery shopping in two months and my apartment is a mess and I definitely need to make like, a million doctors appointments. So, you know, taking the time to admire my own jokes is hugely important for my health and self-care.”


At the conclusion of the interview, Giotta went to draw a bath for herself so she could sit in the tub and soak as she liked her own Facebook statuses.