I Comment On All Of My Younger Female Relatives’ Facebook Statuses, So Fun!

Aunt on Facebook

As an Aunt and a frequent social media user, it is my sworn duty to loudly approve of my nieces’ behavior via Facebook. So fun!
Oh, a photo of Sandra in a dress on my news feed? Better tell her that she’s beautiful, and does not need a man. Her boyfriend just broke up with her, and it is my responsibility as an Aunt to publicly assure her she should move on. I mean, why else would my brother Joe fill me in on her relationship problems! He needs me to empower her in the way that only her sensitive Auntie can. Joe knows how powerful my words are to his daughter.
As an aunt who lives alone and frequents the local community theatre, I know a lot about romance and have a lot to say about my nieces’ relationships. Are they moving too fast? Yes. Am I happy for them? Yes. Am I worried about all of these alcoholic beverages I see them post photos of themselves holding? Yes, but I know how to reprimand them in a fun way, via social media, for all their friends to see and benefit from as well.

And I always add my signature to my loving, helpful notes – even in the comments. I am not some anonymous stranger commenting on things. I’m “Auntie Jane ; ) with love!!!”
Facebook has brought my family and me together. Now I can keep everyone up-to-date on Ernie’s latest surgery (Ernie is my Lhasa Apso). I know that every day after I get home from my job at the elementary school library, I can check in on my nieces’ latest news. Leah hasn’t been making good choices recently, so I’ve really had a lot on my plate! I feel as though I may be neglecting Sophia. But she should really update more. I’ve told her so on her wall. I have so much responsibility!
Ugh, Ernie is whining for food now. Thank God he’s so adorable! Aunts of the world, you know what I’m talkin’ about!
Auntie Jane ; ) with love!!!”
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