Man Apologizes for His Accidental Touch With An Intentional Touch

After accidentally brushing his arm against a woman on the subway, 27-year-old Kevin Dole made amends by saying “sorry” as he deliberately placed his hand on her lower back.


“Brushing up against her was a total accident,” said Kevin. “But I felt like a total creep. So I apologized by touching her back – that’s how she knew my apology was sincere.”


“She got an apology?” said Jason Saunders, who was also grazed by Kevin. “I didn’t get an apology.”


“I’m not some asshole who just mistakenly brushes against a woman and indignantly walks away,” said Kevin. “I’m the type of guy who makes direct eye contact, apologizes for my mistake, and then touches you in a way you can’t really get mad at because I’m a feminist.”


“Those are just the rules,” added Kevin.


But Kevin remains firm in his values.



“I believe women have bodily agency, and part of that belief is owning up to when my actions take away from their agency,” said Kevin. “Making physical contact with her was my way of driving home exactly how sorry I was.”


“I still want a fucking apology,” added Jason.