Aw! This Man Let His Girlfriend Use His Only Plate

Dating is never easy, but the beautiful romance that blossomed between young loves Alex Friedman and Dani Gelson has changed our minds and warmed our hearts: After making her dinner, Alex let Dani use his one and only plate while eating.


“I’ll just eat off the skillet,” said Friedman. “It’s fine.”


After selflessly eating his dinner off of the Target Room Essentials pan his mom purchased for him 12 years ago, he looked over to see the joy in his girlfriend’s eyes as she ate off of his one and only plate, which she hand-washed for the occasion.


Wow, we can’t blame Dani for being swept off her feet!


“I can’t believe I snagged an amazing guy who would sacrifice so much for me,” says Dani, who has been walking on air since the romantic dinner. “Honestly, I think he’s the one.”


“When she scrubbed three-month-old encrusted spaghetti from my plate I was like oh cool, dope, yeah use it,” said Friedman.



It’s not every day that we hear a story that makes us believe in love but Alex’s devotion to his girlfriend has shown us to keep hope alive.


“Dani’s last boyfriend stole her dog and didn’t trust forks,” says friend Heather Mendoza, who is ecstatic about her friend’s new love. “So Alex is for sure a step up.”

“Not only did he let me use his one plate when I made dinner,” added Dani.” But he also let me sit in his one chair. I love him so much.”