Conversation on Dance Floor Mostly Just Nodding When It Seems Right

This Saturday, Janine Hart and Randy Williams shared a conversation on the dance floor of a loud club in lower Manhattan, which consisted almost entirely of just nodding when it felt right.


“I could barely hear him,” said Janine later. “So I just kind of watched his body language and would nod when it felt like he wanted a reaction.”


Though few ideas were exchanged, the conversation was lively, according to sources close to Janine and Randy on the dance floor.


“They were really hitting it off,” said Liz McPhee, Janine’s roommate and best friend. “I could tell they weren’t hearing a word, but the timing of their nods was uncanny.”


As the night wore on, the two found their throats growing hoarse, despite the complete irrelevance of what the two were saying to each other. Still, both agreed afterward that a strong connection had been made.


“He agreed to some pretty outrageous things,” Janine commented afterward. “I asked him if he’d be willing to try those poisonous puffer fish. After I paused for a beat, he started nodding as if I just told him I have a brother or the weather is good. I was like, okay!”


Hundreds of conversations transpire on the dance floor every night that consist of nothing but vigorous nods and the occasional, cautious laugh. Though, Janine is quick to warn, laughing can quickly land you in hot water.


“At one point he paused and I felt like I had nodded too many times in a row, so I tried laughing. But he looked really hurt, so I went back to nodding real quick.”


“It was a really special night,” said Randy afterwards. “Other than the time she laughed at me getting laid off from my job.”


After the night of dancing and mock-conversations wound down, Janine and Randy went their separate ways, but not before a long, drawn-out, confusing exchange where they swapped phone numbers.



“He kept looking at me expectantly, so I’d nod my head,” Janine tells us. “Then he’d shake his head, and point to his phone. So I’d nod, and be like, yeah, that’s a phone.”


The newfound couple has a coffee date scheduled for Tuesday. So does Janine have any worries leading up to the meet-up?


“I just hope I can think of enough stuff to say. I kind of already told him everything.”