Hero! This Man Nodded When His Girlfriend Said ‘Men Are Horrible’

In a true demonstration of heroism, 28-year-old Jeff Windsor nodded ever-so-slightly after his girlfriend, Erica, described the behavior of several male friends and uttering the words, “Men are horrible.”


Those who were there for Jeff’s truly courageous act have confirmed that after his head moved a little up then a little down, the room became silent, and quite a few men in the room stood up and began applauding his clear feminism.


A huge thank you to Jeff for being the ally we’ve been waiting for!


“I never thought I’d be the type of person who would be a hero,” says Jeff. “But I felt like I had no option but to nod along with her. I honestly did it without thinking. If I had thought about it, I probably would have been like, ‘No that’s too bold.’”.


“He just sort of nodded when I said that,” says Erica about her boyfriend, a true champion of women. “Sure, he didn’t say, ‘I agree men are wielding their power in devastating, abusive ways,’ but I’m sure that’s what he meant.”


“Jeff really taught me what it looks like to be a man and a feminist,” says Don Brent. “I hope that over the course of my life I am able to support women in my life the way that Jeff did, one silent nod at a time.”


“Women are always saying stuff and I’m like, ‘Okay okay calm down,’” says bystander Lucian Samuels. “But when he nodded, I realized maybe it’s time to start listening to women? It seemed drastic but now I’m thinking maybe I can pull this off.”



Although Jeff has received a ton of praise for being unbelievably supportive, he wants to be clear that it doesn’t stop here.


“I’m going to continue to push myself,” says Jeff. “Maybe I’ll like a status about #MeToo, or listen to R. Kelly a little less. Who knows what the future holds.”


Sorry, Erica, but it seems like men aren’t as horrible as you thought!