Flirt Alert! This Waitress is Being Kind Because Her Livelihood Depends on It

Lots of people just have a naturally flirtatious personality. But not 24-year-old Alicia Peterson. While some may interpret this waitress as big ol’ flirt, she’s actually just being kind because her livelihood as a server depends on it!


“I’m not being flirtatious, I have a boyfriend,” said Alicia. “But my income relies on my customers tipping me well, so I’m forced to be super nice to them even when they’re shitty to me.”


“I can’t tell you how many guys think I’m into them or how many women think I’m hitting on their husbands while I’m working,” said Alicia. “But I’m really not, I’m just obligated to be overly friendly and familiar because I make $2.35 a hour and that alone doesn’t pay my bills.”


Wow, pretty crazy that your employer’s unwillingness to pay you a living wage requires you to have to perform coquettishness to make ends meet!


Some of Alicia’s customers are confused.


“No, she definitely flirts with me every time I come in,” said Adam Riesling, a regular. “I’ve left my number on a receipt a few times, but I guess she’s never noticed it. Wait, are you saying she only likes me for my money?”


But others completely get it.


“Alicia is a sweetheart, but I know she’s just being playful because she needs the money,” said customer Monty Ruiz-Pivcevic. “I think the only people who truly believe she’s being flirtatious are the ones who have never worked in the service industry before.”


For Alicia, it’s business as usual.


“I’m applying for other jobs, ones where I can just come in and work and make a salary and not have to manage other people’s feelings in order to provide for myself,” she explained. “But until then, I’m gonna have to keep this charade up.”



“I can’t wait til the gig economy collapses,” Alicia added.


Oh my god, Alicia – stop flirting!