Wow! This Woman’s BV Persisted Long Enough to Claim Squatter’s Rights

A bad roommate can really put a damper on your happiness, especially when the process to get rid of them is tedious and difficult. But 24-year-old Gina Lopez experienced this situation on a whole new level when this poor young woman’s bacterial vaginosis stuck around long enough to claim squatter’s rights.


“I’ve taken all the steps possible toward eviction, but it keeps coming back,” said Gina. “I just want it gone for good because it smells and refuses to go away.”


At first, Gina explained, her BV was tolerable, only causing problems on occasion and easily dealt with. But, as time went on, it remained long enough to legally be considered a tenant under New York State law. Now, this woman’s BV is remaining in place until Gina files a petition and begin the long and costly process of eviction.


While Gina is hopeful that the BV will soon be gone from her personal space, it seemed to have become ever more resilient the further Gina pushes.



“I’ve come to realize that this was the price I paid for not acting quickly,” says Gina. “Now this vaginal infection doesn’t just itch constantly, but now it has the law on its side, too.”


According to reports, the BV has obtained a lawyer and is willing to fight this eviction in court.