Parenting Mistakes That Ruined Your Life Working Out Great for Your Mom’s Dog

In a developing story out of Madison, WI, your mother’s 11-year-old rescue is currently thriving under the same conditions that put you into therapy by age 16.


The playful, gentle dog is smothered with affection and care and protected from anything that might be too overwhelming – quite similar to the treatment you received as a child filled with energy and curiosity, inevitably resulting in a teenage rebellion that would last over a decade.


“Angel is like my child now,” your mom said over the phone last week. “She really is a spoiled little puppy! I just bought her a new bed, and toys, and even a little bag of filet mignon jerky for when she’s a good girl.”


Angel agrees this treatment is working out great for her but understands that her life has absolutely no stakes or demands whatsoever.



“She got this dog the day after I left for college at 24,” you said. “And it’s like I’m seeing my childhood play out in a shockingly dog-specific fashion.”


“This dog seems to get a constant stream of treats throughout the day,” you added. “Which probably explains why I was completely unable to handle rejection as an adult.”


“Sure, everyone always blames it on the mom,” your mom said, as she gently placed her dog into a screened-in baby carriage to go for a walk. “Why do they always think it’s our fault?”


Your mother agrees that while she does spoil Angel sometimes, it’s only because she doesn’t have any grandchildren.