This Woman Found Her Perfect Work-Life Balance By Never Working

It can take a lifetime to find the perfect work-life balance, and some people never find it at all. But not for this inspiring young woman: Kendall O’Malley has found her perfect work-life balance simply by never working!


“It took years to figure out how to feel happy and fulfilled in both my career and my personal life,” said Kendall. “But I’m so happy I’ve figured out that’s just never, ever having a job or performing work in any capacity.”



Kendall, who still receives an allowance each month, wishes she could empower more women to never work.


“I just don’t get why anyone would put their well-being at risk by working all the time,” she says. “And that’s why I wanted to strike a balance where I did absolutely none of it. And I feel great!”


“I don’t know why more people don’t do this!” she added.