How to Find The Right Work-Life-Panic Attack Balance

Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you can never seem to find the time for everything! When it starts to feel like it’s impossible to balance your work, your life, and the violent panic attacks that occur as a result, here are some tricks to balancing a loving home life and fulfilling career, while still having time to panic your way through it all!


Schedule Your Time

Some people take for granted how useful a schedule can be. Sure, it can keep important appointments, but try to use your schedule to its maximum capacity. Include time for snacks, short walks, and even cooking to make sure you have time for everything you need in the day. Then block out an hour at the end of each day to sit on the edge of your bed, bug eyed, hyperventilating, and crying at the overwhelming nature of your life in general. This way, you can get all your work done early in the day, get your family settled into their night, and still have time for yourself – your panicked, internally screeching self!



Delegating is not just important at work, but can also be very valuable at home. Allowing your kids to do chores or your partner to take on some of your burden is the best way to free you up for rocking in the corner covered in sweat and mumbling incoherently. Since that’s something you can’t delegate, try delegating everything else!



Give Yourself Time to Do Other Things

Work and family is so important, but so is finding time for the things you’re passionate about. Pick up that old hobby you forgot about, or start a new one. This is a great way to take some time where you don’t have to think about all the stresses of your day, and when you finally get back to work, you’ll feel thrice as much pressure to get everything done and induce a haunting panic episode in the middle of a meeting. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Embrace those small moments of heavy breathing combined with literal, blinding fear!


So always remember: Just because you basically have superpowers doesn’t mean you have to be everyone’s superhero. It is possible to balance your life and your job, as long as you make time to scream and cry and experience very real feelings of terror in between!