How to Touch a Naked Man, On His Penis

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Even though you are a strong, independent, fearless woman, sometimes doing the sex can be scary! Getting naked is easy, but what do you do once both your crotches are out? The answer is simple: Touch him on his penis. Stumped on how to do it? Here are some fun tips on how to touch a naked man and to touch him on the penis:


With Your Hands

You know the hands you have? Those are your hands for penis touching too. While you can use them to do dishes, write a cover letter, pet a llama at a street fair, or point at a falling person they can also be used to touch a naked man on the penis. The next time your man is naked, reach out with your hands and touch him on the penis. He’ll be wowed!


With Your Eyelashes (Butterfly Kisses)

Your man will melt when you gingerly flutter your eyelashes on… you guessed it, his penis! If you didn’t guess it, that’s okay too! As long as you have a really great man in your life, this will remind him of all the tenderness you’ve given him, except his feelings will be amplified because his penis is naked and you’re touching it.


With Your Butt

Has your man been begging for your back door? That’s because he wants to touch it with his penis, which means you are touching his penis with your butt. The hot summer weather is the perfect environment to make your butt super penis-touchable! Go outside with your man, with your clothes on. Don’t even think about sex while you let your crack become warm and inviting. Then, get that man naked and touch his penis with your butt or butthole. Your man will be delighted that you are touching him on his penis with your butt!



With Your Vagina

Remember middle school? Those were the days of dry humping, which was touching a clothed guy on the penis with your vagina, which was also clothed. Now, you can dry hump naked, because you’re an adult! Now you can touch his penis, with your vagina, while naked, as much as you want. Rub your pubis on his penis over and over until he says, “Yay!” Once he says yay, you’ll know: You’ve touched a naked man on the penis with your vagina.


While Doing A Joke

A sense of humor is a must in the bedroom. Most girls love guys with a sense of humor, so go on, do a joke! Before going down on his penis, grab it in your hand right next to your mouth, tap the head with your finger and say, “Is this thing on?” and then laugh directly at his naked penis. Guys love a girl who does anything while also touching him on his naked penis!


Motorboat Him

Did you know that sometimes naked men want you to touch them in places that aren’t the penis? It’s true! If your man has balls, they should be big enough to motorboat! Cup those balls in your hand and delicately smush your pursed lips against them, wag your head back and forth, and go to town! While doing this, also touch the penis. You did it!


Congratulations, you have now touched a naked man on the penis!