3 Ways To Use Your Words Instead of Rolling Your Eyes So They Know You’re Really Pissed

We all have people who make us angry. And it’s natural to want to respond with a passive-aggressive eye roll. But here’s the problem: if they don’t see you roll your eyes, did it even happen? And even if they do see you, your eyes were moving so you couldn’t see their reactions. So why not use your words instead? Here are three ways to use your words instead of rolling your eyes so people know you’re really fucking pissed!


“You’re a Fucking Dumbass and Sitting Next to You Sucks Balls”

Your coworker complaining about her weight while she’s sitting on one of those dumb blue balls because it will “make her core stronger” is nothing new. She’s a dummy, because everyone knows nothing makes your core stronger besides planks. Usually, you look at her, breathe, then roll your eyes before returning to work on your desktop computer. Next time, try using this sentence! She’ll know you’re really pissed and not here on a Monday to talk about her dumb core.


A Simple “Not Today”

Hooking up is fun, but sometimes, if you’re hooking up with a guy, it’s not that fun! If your hookup decides to say something dumb like “I love that you don’t shave”, just stop the sexy time, look at him and utter a simple yet intense, “Not today.” This works much better than an eye roll because it will let him know he’s the worst man and you’re so fucking pissed at who he is.



Any Sounds, Screamed So Loud

This one is great if you’re caught up in a moment and can’t think of words to say, but are so pissed you need to let it be known. Next time your mom calls and asks you how your career is going, breathe in, and scream an “Arrghhhh” or “Unghghg” as loud as you can. This will be shocking to your mother, since she’s never heard your eye rolls before. She may respond with a “what?” or a “did you just scream at me?” but your anger will not be lost on her. She will know you are very, very pissed and that it’s her doing.


If this doesn’t work for you, you can keep eye rolling, but your eyes may get stuck like that and then you’ll be pissed at yourself. And the worst thing you can be is pissed at yourself.