Adorable Ways to Avert Your Eyes from Authority Figures

eyes - reductress

If you’re a young woman in the workforce, you know there is nothing more terrifying than making eye contact with an authority figure. Whether it’s your boss, supervisor, or just a powerful-looking man on the street, here are some super cute ways to avert your gaze:


Nod along: When it comes to mid-year reviews, the prospect of losing your job is nothing compared to the fear of direct eye contact with your supervisor. Gaze at any point in the room just away from his body and nod along the whole time. Your intense focus will let him know you’re being very thoughtful about everything he’s saying. You’ll forget to ask for your raise, but don’t worry – you didn’t really deserve it, anyway.


Picture Perfect: Nothing screams, “I’m both aware and afraid of you!” than making note of pictures on an authority figure’s desk. When meeting with your HR person, make sure to compliment her on her beautiful children right before describing how her pal Hal reached up your skirt at the Christmas party. You’ve said he’s creepy with your words. No need to confirm the full terror of your emotions with your eyes.


When in Doubt, Weep it Out! Eye contact is impossible when your eyes are overflowing with tears. Next time you’re introduced to the CEO, feel free to burst into tears. BONUS: Your hands will be too busy wiping the salty downpour on your cheeks to shake his hand, so you don’t have to worry about having an overly confident grip.


Play Dead: The office kitchen can quickly turn from a place of solace to an inferno from hell. If your boss walks in while you’re at the Keurig, don’t panic! Simply flop onto the floor and play dead. Just be sure not to block the machine. Dan needs his morning coffee!


So, remember, next time you’re introduced to someone more important than you, keep calm and look elsewhere. You can’t have them thinking you’re challenging their authority.