Unbelievable! This Man Listens to Jazz, The Most Interesting Music

When most of us think of music, we imagine things like words, electric guitars, and the concept of songs lasting between three and five minutes. But for local jazz fan Jared Davidson, who loves jazz, music is a completely different and far more interesting affair!


When it comes to music, Jared is a little unconventional. Instead of listening to music that sounds like it was written down in advance, he prefers songs in which the notes appear to be conjured out of the very air, in a loose, improvisational manner. And get this – some of the songs go on for a terrific amount of time!


“Some of the jazz songs I listen to can last for up to 12 minutes,” Jared recently announced on a blind date. “Instead of words, there are saxophone solos. Instead of a singer, there is often a trumpet player. Sometimes there is even someone playing an upright bass, which is very specific to jazz as a musical genre.”


Out of sight! The sounds of jazz are more interesting to us than those of other music!



And we’re not the only ones who admire Jared and his love of jazz.


“I mostly like music where people sing about topics, like going out at night or having sex,” said Jared’s latest ex-girlfriend, Dina Harris. “But Jared likes music that often declines to reference a specific topic and instead, as he puts it, ‘explores a musical soundscape unlike any other.’”


“We broke up because he was too interesting for me,” Dina added.


Although liking jazz is probably the most interesting thing about Jared, there is no shortage of other interesting things about him. For example, Jared sports a mustache, has read one Toni Morrison novel, and is a big fan of someone named ‘de Kooning’, who is an artist. Jared has often likened de Kooning’s art to jazz, a statement which has never failed to interest its listener.


At press time, Jared remained insistent that he is just a ‘normal guy’ — albeit a ‘normal guy’ who knows who Miles Davis is!


“I do consider myself a bit of a jazz expert,” he admitted. “But at the end of the day, if someone thinks I’m interesting for listening to jazz, which Wikipedia once described as ‘America’s classical music’, well… they said that, not me.”


We can all agree that Jared’s love of jazz makes him much more interesting than the average human being. As one of Jared’s jazz songs would say: bebop bop be bebop [trumpet sound]!