Are You A Chill Girlfriend Or A Little Slice Of Ham?

You’ve been dating awhile and things are pretty much perfect. You two never fight, can talk for hours, and his hard-to-impress friends love you. You’re killing it in this relaysh! However, a part of you isn’t sure if it’s because you’re an awesome girlfriend or a tasty little cold cut sitting in the meat drawer of his refrigerator. Here’s how to know if you’re just a super chill girlfriend or just a little slice of ham.


Do you care if he comes home super late?

Your babe stumbled home at three in the morning smelling like whiskey. If you didn’t stir because he was probably just out having fun with boys, then congrats, you’re a chill girlfriend! If you didn’t stir until he opened the fridge looking for a late-night snack, and then when you saw him you were like, “Eat me! I’m just a little slice of yummy ham, here for your pleasure. I don’t care what you’ve been up to!” then congrats you’re a little slice of ham!



Do you let the small stuff roll off your shoulders?

Part of being in a relationship is knowing when you need to let little things go. If your boyfriend forgot to mention he stole your credit card to buy swords online and you didn’t start a fight about it, you’re one badass girlfriend! However, if you don’t have a credit card or any worldly possessions for him to borrow and that’s why you’re never mad, you’re a lil’ piece of ham that he will probably eat for a snack, or throw out within a week. Sorry!


Are you always up for a last-minute camping trip?

If you’re always down to pack up the car and drive with your cutie instead of getting slightly frustrated that he didn’t think you had anything to do over the weekend, you’re a chill girlfriend! On the other hand, if you’re just going along for the ride because he threw you into a cooler to munch on later, then you’re just a little ham slice who probably hadn’t considered many other options aside from the ones you’re thrust into and you don’t necessarily deserve credit for being so down-to-earth.


Do you show interest in his hobbies?

A man will go wild for a girl who cares about his passions. If you nod along while your man displays his expert level knowledge of the 1994 Detroit Pistons, then rest assured, you are a chill AF girlfriend. If you’re happy he’s happy, but you don’t specifically show any interest in his passions because you don’t fully understand human recreational activities, it looks like you’re a lil’ cut of deli ham. Who knew!


Were you cut from the hind leg of a pig and then salted for a month?

If you were cut from the leg of a pig, and salted for an entire month and eventually sold in a deli, you are probably a little slice of ham! However, if you were not cut from a pig, but are always down to hang or whatever, you are most likely a chill girlfriend. Congrats!


It’s totally normal to wonder if you’re the chill girlfriend of your boyfriend’s dreams or a little slice of ham. If you’re still going crazy wondering if you’re making the right decisions and trying to fulfill some sort of cool girl fantasy, try talking to your boyfriend or just eating some delish lunchmeat to relax (assuming you are not ham and that is not cannibalism)!