Would He Still Love You if You Were His Ex-Girlfriend?

So, you’ve finally found a man who loves and respects you – congrats! But is your healthy union everything it seems? It’s hard to tell if their love is unconditional, so how can you tell? Would he still love you if, say, you broke up with him and never spent time with him anymore? What if you literally were his ex-girlfriend, Kendra? If he’s not willing to love you in even the most extreme circumstances, is he really the right one for you?


Does he compliment you even when you aren’t speaking to him?

A man who isn’t afraid to compliment you is a great partner. If he’s constantly flattering you, that’s a great sign that he’s a truly loving and supportive partner. But what if you were his ex-girlfriend? If that scenario would suddenly turn him off, that might be a sign that his love isn’t as unconditional as you think.


Does he reach out to you during the day just to say hello even when you tell him not to?

When your loved one checks in just to say what’s up and see how you’re doing, that’s a sign that they really care. But does he reach out even when you say, “I am your ex-girlfriend please don’t speak to me right now?” If not, his affection might fade. Watch out: Things may not be as rosy as they appear.



Does he go out of his way to do things for you, even when you say, “This is over?”

If your guy is doing little things for you like bringing you a blanket, rubbing your feet, or cleaning up your dirty dishes, it probably means he really cares for you. That’s great – you’ve got a good one and he is in love! But it’s hard to know if he’d do those things when you say, “We’re done. We’re breaking up. I don’t love you anymore.” If he stops going out of his way to take care of you, even if you were his ex-girlfriend, it probably means he would stop loving you if you were his ex-girlfriend. It sucks but it’s true.


If you’ve got a good man around who’s doing all the right things, you’re one lucky girl. But watch out for signs that this all could come crashing down if you two were to break up.