Is It Love Or Does He Occasionally Allow You To Complete A Thought?

While love songs and romance novels make it seem so obvious, it can be surprisingly difficult to determine whether what you’re feeling toward someone is love. If you date men, it can be especially hard to discover whether you’re in love, or just grateful for the rare occasions when he lets you finish your sentence without interrupting. Here’s how you to tell if you’ve found true love, or a guy who lets you complete a thought here and there.


Is That Nervous Feeling Butterflies, Or Anxiety Because No One’s Ever Let You Talk This Long?

If you’re having a conversation with a guy, you might stumble over your words and feel your heart start to race. These are classic symptoms of a crush, but it’s also important to consider that you might not have a lot of experience talking to a man for an extended period of time. If your primary fear is of being overbearing because you’ve been talking for 20 seconds straight, you’ve probably just found a man who is at least occasionally able to view you as an intellectual equal. Sorry, sweetie – this might not be love!


Can You Imagine A Life Together, Or Do You Just Want To Live In A Society Where Men and Women Are Equal Conversational Participants?

Try to imagine your future for a minute: is it with this guy, potentially getting married and starting a family together, or are you imagining a lot of conversations where you are able to complete your argument so that it actually makes sense? If your fantasy mostly envisions a series of conversations where you aren’t interrupted, misinterpreted, and then asked to defend a perspective you weren’t arguing in the first place, you’ve probably just managed to stumble upon a guy with a basic grasp of conversational etiquette. Happens to the best of us.



Do You Feel Physically Attracted To Him, Or Are You Turned On By The Sound Of Your Own Voice?

You might start to feel an attraction to the person you’re talking to, but that might be your physical response to listening to your own voice patiently and coherently explain yourself, perhaps for the first time. Oh, listen to you, being all smart and sexy. That’s right. Mhmm. If the guy you’re with is making you feel like that, it might just be that he is a good listener. Or he took a really big bite of his sandwich.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you identify whether what your feeling is love or delight at being able to complete a thought for once. But really, you should scoop him up, regardless. You don’t meet a guy who sometimes listens to you every day!