What Guys REALLY Think About During Thought

What Men Think about During Thought

Wanna know what your man is really thinking about while he’s thinking? The answers may shock you! We surveyed 100 single human men about what actually goes through their head while doing the deed (of thinking).

“Am I making a weird face?”

Guys can feel a little self-conscious about how they look during thought. The effort it takes to maintain a thought can definitely show in a guy’s facial expressions, no matter how experienced of a thinker he is. “One time I was trying to form an argument in favor of local beers, which I’ve thought about a lot,” says Josiah, 25. “Then I realize I’m making this, like, crazy face. My mouth was all open and twisted, and my eyes were bugging’ out. It was so embarrassing!”

“I hope I don’t finish too soon.”

Lots of times, your man is trying so hard to have a great thought that all of a sudden, he finishes his thought way too early. “Man, I’ll never forget the first time I thought about sandwiches,” says Jacob, 28. “All I got was ‘Sandwiches are good…’ and that was it!” He laughed. “But I swear I can think for way longer now!”

“I hope this thought doesn’t find out about my other thought.”

Men aren’t ALL sleazebags, but many of them aren’t looking to stick with just one thought. “If I’m thinking about balloons, it’s like, I like balloons a lot, I think balloons are really beautiful and interesting, and I want to know more about balloons, but that’s not the ONLY thing I’m thinking about, you know?” says Jed, 37. “There are other shiny things out there. I mean I’m not dead, for Christ’s sake.”


“I am getting so attached to this thought.”

You know that look: when your guy realizes he’s totally hooked on a certain thought. “Honestly, I figured I was just going to have a short-term thought about how to reorganize my desk,” says Cal, 41. “Then 45 minutes go by, and I realize, ‘Wow, I’m in love with thinking about reorganizing my desk.’” See? Not all guys are looking to think as many thoughts as possible!

“Woah, where did that thought come from?”

“Sometimes when I’m in the middle of thought, I’ll have this totally random thought pop into my head,” says Jameson, 29. “Say I’m thinking about medical textbooks, totally happy with the thought, really enjoying it, then all of a sudden, I think of my Great Aunt Gertrude. Like, gross! What’s she doing here?”

“I’m too tired to think.”

It’s not just women who try to get out of thought with the old “I’m tired” excuse. Our reader poll shows 65% of our readers have had their man tell them they couldn’t have a deep thought session because of fatigue. “If I’m trying to figure out how I feel about moral relativism, I don’t want to be sleepy,” says Jay R. 35. “I wanna go to bed and give it my all in the morning.” He smiled, then bit his lip. “Maybe even in the shower.”