How to Make a Sex-Positive Sex Tape

You’ve seen your fair share of sex tapes, and it’s only a matter of time before you make one of your very own. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure you produce a porno that celebrates the power of your female sexuality and does not preclude you from being an amazing, sex-positive role model for your future child. Here are some tips to make sure anyone watching your sex tape walks away feeling empowered by all the nasty shit they just watched.


1. Discuss your most recent STI test results during foreplay.

What’s sexier than knowing that the people you’re watching aren’t going to wake up with a weird rash or burning pee? Let everybody who watches your sex tape know that you and your partner are two consenting, responsible adults who really want to put their faces in each other’s clean, disease-free butts. Added bonus if you guys dedicate some of your dirty talk to discussing how great wearing a condom makes you feel.


2. Wear a “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” T-shirt during sex.

While people are wanking to your sweaty, tied-up body, make sure that there is no mistake where either of you stand on the Hobby Lobby decision. All of your viewers will be at ease knowing that in the event of an unplanned pregnancy, you and your partner will feel comfortable pursuing all of your options.


3. Pepper your pillow talk with reminders about how natural and fulfilling an active sex life is.

After your partner tells you how great your ass looks doggy-style, discuss how comfortable and unashamed you are of your own sexual desires. Take some time to check in with each other about your wants and needs, and make a point to climax during a discussion of how important intimate, human connection is to feeling fulfilled sexually and socially.



4. After you’re finished, show you both going out and living normal, responsible lives.

Show the world that no matter what type of weird role-play you get into in the bedroom, your actual life is full of normal, every day stuff too. Your viewers will love knowing that after getting so thoroughly railed, you still had the energy to make it to the grocery store before it closes, or to send a few last-minute emails. Being an average, responsible human does not preclude you from getting railed regularly.


5. Self-distribute your work!

Don’t tie yourself down to some heartless porn distributor! Be the Louis C.K of porn and make your own way by distributing your sex tape yourself on your personal website. Just slap a “Donate” button next to that sucker and show viewers that filming yourself having sex does not make you a helpless victim! Your fans will respect that you are a self-made woman who doesn’t need some dude to come around and exploit her sexuality!